Danilo Jovanović, director of Physical Theater from ex-Yugoslavia and Artistic Director of Physical Theater Company “Side Effect”, currently living and working in Vienna. The main occupation of Danilo’s work was performing on stage until recently, when he stepped back into directors’ role. In his artistic production he combines theater with storytelling. He’s in love with the theatrical process and constantly looking for new ways to tell stories. Translating life itself into theatrical language is the most exciting thing for Danilo. Believing in theater as a place of collective action and a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, especially for those who have less access to resources, he founded Physical Theater Company “Side Effect”  together with Iva Marković at the end of 2019. The vision of a theater as an open experiential space in a form of his “Open Soul concept” is at the heart of Danilo’s work.

Besides directors’ rolle he is also engaged as a theater educator and trainer on different topics. He teaches his Open Soul concept through workshops with performers or different underprivileged groups.



Iva Marković - Executive Directress

Iva Marković, born in Yugoslavia, lived and worked in a few different countries before migrating to Austria. Finding the way to connect with the body and emotions inspired Iva to stand on the stage as a performer. Ivas motivation is creating possibilities to take the space for personal stories to be heard, making a stage be a place for less visible experiences. Since Ivas background is in social work and various activist engagement, her interest in socially engaged theatre was a logical step in her development as an artist. Iva is co-creator of the first ever guide on using Forum theatre in working with LGBTIQA persons in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Iva is one of the founders of the company.

Yasemin Duru - Audio Visual Director

Yasemin Duru (they/them) is an audiovisual synesthete and transdisciplinary artist responsible for objects, lights and sounds within the framework of performances, workshops, and events of the Side Effect Physical Theater Company. They are interested in exploring how different sounds and settings influence our psyche, as well as how these elements help us tap into deeper parts of our self expression. 

Yasemin has a BA in Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design and has worked with a very wide range of mediums and practices in the past decade. In recent years, they have begun to focus more on combining sound with visuals, as well as working more with digital elements. They are currently studying Digital Arts at die Angewandte. Yasemin is an advocate for sharing personal stories and self empowerment. 

Maurício Ianês - Costume designer

Luiz Lima - Company's official photographer

Luiz Lima, photographer, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has lived in Vienna, Austria since 2013. He has been working at Physical Theater Side Effect since 2019. The photographer always works with his head and attitude towards the transformations of the lifestyle as a result of art. His nonconformity and desire for balance in everyone's lives makes the artist and photographer always work in activities aimed at critical thinking on often delicate topics. Luiz Lima will continue to exhibit, post, create and move the brain through photography. Click! Click! Attitude! Attitude!


Shahrzad Nazarpour

Shahrzad Nazarpour grew up and studied theatre and art in Iran. Since 2020 she has been studying Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Her solo performance Hijab offline was part of the first edition of Skin – performance festival for young adults at Dschungel Wien. She got the “in the field” scholarship of Wiener festwochen and currently works as a member of “Parasol”, dance -performance company for young artist in TQW. She's a member of Side Effect since 2020.

Lamisse Hamouda

Lamisse Hamouda is an Egyptian-Australian writer, poet, performer and workshop facilitator. She has trained in physical theatre in Australia, studied drama at the University of Queensland and has run workshops for creative writing and performance. She is represented by Zeitgeist Literary Agency and her first book, ‘The Shape of Dust’ is a literary memoir that will be published by Pantera Press in July, 2023. Prior to focusing full-time on theatre and writing, Lamisse was a youth worker and she has a Bachelor of Arts in Governance and International Relations. As an artist, Lamisse is particularly interested in interrogating the ways artistic processes and spaces facilitate collective and individual healing. She is currently based in Vienna.

Morteza Mohammadi

Morteza Mohammadi has been involved in dance and performance since 2016. He is part of the “Kalashnikov mon amour” project in Dschungel theater, Vienna. Currently, he's dancing with the Youth Dance Company. Morteza is engaged in exploring freestyle and contemporary dance. For him, dance means freedom for the soul and unique channel to express his feelings. He joined the company in “Can you talk?” production.

Noël Iglessias

Noël Iglessias left Ethiopia in 2017 to call Austria his new home. Ethiopia being quite conservative and religious, he never really felt accepted or acknowledged there, specially as a gay man. In response to the intense silencing and repression he faced growing up, he wants to be visible and bring the issue to the public as often as he can. Through art, self exploration and pushing his boundaries which inadvertently starts a conversation around the issue of sexuality in eastern Africa. He is thankful to have found theater as a means to this end. Noël joined the company in 2020.

Jasmin Behnawa

Jasmin Behnawa, identifies as a Muslim intersectional feminist, speaking up for human rights, against violence and (systemic) oppression. With her academic background in psychology, she works in the field of violence prevention and protection of female* adolescents and young women*. Her focus lies on processing traumatic experiences, achieving empowerment as well as liberation through artistic expression. She is also a writer, Spoken Word artist and singer, currently exploring the sounds of archaic musical instruments. Jasmin performs with the Company since 2020.

Rada Živadinović

Rada Živadinović is a youth worker and sexual pedagogue, working in the field of prevention of sexual violence. As a social researcher she is dealing with topics of migration, diaspora and identity from a feminist and queer perspective. With her heart she is committed to community work, while being convinced in the healing powers of collective performative expression. Rada joined the company in 2020.